Arizona Coyotes Sign John Scott?

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John Scott signs a one year deal with the Arizona Coyotes –

The Arizona Coyotes have signed UFA forward John Scott to a one-year contract. 

John Scott, 32 years old, scored 3 goals, 1 assist, totaling 4 points along with 87 penalty minutes and was a -12  in 38 games with the San Jose Sharks last season.  

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Position:  LW     Shoots:  Left

DOB:  Sept.26, 1982     Birthplace:  Edmonton, AB

Height: 6’8     Weight:  259

Career NHL Stats: Regular season

Games: 274   G: 5   A: 5  Pts: 10  PIM: 517   Plus/Minus: -28

Career NHL Stats: Playoffs 

Games: 4  G: 0   A: 0  Pts: 0  PIM: 22   Plus/Minus: 0

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In the ever-changing landscape of the NHL, players like John Scott are becoming extinct and there is nothing anybody can say to me to justify this signing.  Scott can’t and won’t contribute any meaningful minutes and all this signing does is roster block a prospect or prevent the Coyotes from signing a useful UFA.  NHL teams are allowed to keep twenty-three players on their active roster and this signing makes absolutely no sense.  Today in the NHL, it’s about “team toughness” and the day of the enforcer is over.  If you can’t play, you don’t play!  

Maybe Coyotes GM Don Maloney was mesmerized by John Scott’s “career year” last season, where he posted four points in thirty-eight games.

I don’t get it!



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  1. Paavo Nurmi says

    The stress is now over for me as a season ticket holder who spends nearly a third of my retirement income on the Coyotes….
    I invested heavily in this team BELIEVING…someday Id see this cinderella story..We’d show em!!!!!
    It would be a lifetime memory standing up in my seat ON THE ICE, turning around and flipping the bird to all the Arizona backstabbing bandwagon fans of other teams that are relentless in their criticism and derision for the YOTES!!!!!!
    What an idiot I am…
    I don’t even think it’s in the plan to win.
    Protect the young guys till you can get them to Seattle.
    The timing was bad too..
    Sharp goes to Dallas..
    Dallas seems to be a little serious…
    As James Tanner said..Did the stats guy have a say in whats going on and if he did..
    What are we paying him again….
    Then again, maybe it’ll work and we’ll win and when we do, I can stand up in my seat ON THE ICE and……………..

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