Phoenix Coyotes Mid Term Grades: Def and Goal

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Phoenix Coyotes Report Card For The Defencemen And Goaltenders — 

The Phoenix Coyotes defencemen have all had stretches where they have been a little inconsistent but for the most part have played very well.

The Phoenix Coyotes record after the first quarter of the season is 20 – 12 – 9. 

The Phoenix Coyotes received good goaltending in the first quarter of the season but Mike Smith is going through a tough stretch right now.  Like most NHL teams the Coyotes will need their goaltenders to be at the top of their games every night.  It isn’t an understatement when it is said that the goaltender is the last line of defence.  Teams need good goaltending to make it  into the playoffs but you won’t go very far in the play-offs without great goaltending.



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