May 9 Random Notes On Our Yotes

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Things about the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL  that crossed my mind this past month –

Some of my thoughts, some info, and notes from the past month about our Arizona Coyotes and the National Hockey League.

1.  The 2016 IIHF World Hockey Championships started on Friday in St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia and sadly I am more interested in that than the NHL playoffs.

2.  Arizona Coyotes will be represented at the 2016 IIHF World Championships in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia by forwards Max Domi (Canada) and Tobias Rieder (Germany), along with defenseman Connor Murphy (USA).  The tournament runs May 6-22. 

3.  In a bit of a surprise, Assistant GM, 26-year-old John Chayka (SHUY-ka) has been promoted as the Coyotes’ new General Manager.  

4.  Dave Tippett has also agreed to a new five-year contract and will take on a new role of Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations and remain as Head Coach. Tippett will be involved in the hockey personnel decisions.  This makes total sense to me as I never once thought they were going to leave the player personal decisions Chayka or anybody else.  In Tipp We Trust.  (see #2)     

5.  The Arizona Coyotes didn’t move up or down at the NHL Draft Lottery and retained their 7th place.  The big winners at the NHL Draft Lottery were the Toronto Maple Leafs who received the 1st overall pick and the Winnipeg Jets who moved from 6th place to the 2nd overall pick.

6.  What do you think the Coyotes should name their new AHL affiliate in Tucson?  Of course, when all the logistics are done with and the relocation is approved.

7.   Tomorrow (May 10) the Coyotes hope their purchase agreement to buy their AHL affiliate, the Springfield Falcons, will be approved by the American Hockey League’s Board of Governors.

8.  Is Shane Doan going to return for another season?  I think so.  Actually, after the season Doaner had last year, I would be shocked if he wasn’t back for a couple more!

9.  I wonder how many GMs wish they would have moved on Jonathon Drouin when his was being shopped before the trade deadline.  I’m sure he’s still available BUT the price has certainly gone up!   

10.  It is believed that if their purchase agreement to buy the Springfield Falcons is approved the Yotes plan to move their AHL team to Tucson for the 2016-17. Now that would be convenient. (see #7)

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11.  I can’t help myself when it comes to crapping on Gary Bettman and his band of merry men but they are such idiots.  GARY … NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR SHITTY BRACKETS!  Because of your brackets and not re-seeding after the first round the #1 seed is playing the #3 seed and the #5 seed is playing the #7 seed in the east.  It should be The Capitals vs Islanders with Washington having home-ice AND the Penguins vs Lightning with Pittsburgh having home ice.  How does the 5 seed get home-ice?   In the west, it’s the same thing.  It should be the Stars vs Preds with Dallas having home ice AND the Blues vs Sharks with St. Louis having home-ice.  How the hell does St. Louis not have home-ice?  

12.  I love that the IIHF doesn’t have that ridiculous trapezoid behind the goal line.

13.  There has been a lot of talk on whether the NHL is going to send its players to the next Olympics.  I don’t like this pick and choose attitude or whether it’s convenient for them to go.  You’re either in it for the long haul or you’re not. Shit or get off the pot Bettman!

14.  I would like to see the NHL revisit their crease rule and look at adopting the IIHF interpretation of the rule BUT with a little more latitude for players being pushed into the crease.

15.  I must admit I am very impressed on how Auston Matthews calls for and WANTS the puck.  He is obviously a very confident player.  There is ZERO chance the Leafs don’t take him with the first overall pick.

16.  Best call of the WHC:  Belarus defenceman, Oleg Yevenko (6’7″) was laying the lumber on the back of U.S. forward, Miles Wood (6’1″) in front of the Belarus net and after about the 4th cross-check the official put his arm up to call the penalty.  Finally, after seven cross-checks (they actually counted them on the broadcast), Yevenko is heading to the penalty box and TSN’s Gord Miller says “Yevenko gets two minutes for serial cross-checking”.  Nice.  

17.  I guess Bruce Boudreau forgot how to coach or should I say Corey Perry forgot how to score?  Sometimes a coach getting fired just isn’t fair.

18.  It looks like Patrik Laine (pronounced LINE-AY) is the consensus #2 overall pick by most scouting agencies. Some scouts even think he might challenge Auston Matthews for the #1 overall pick. Maybe, maybe not, but it appears he has pulled away from Jesse Puljujarvi who should go #3.

19.  Countdown to the 2016 NHL Entry Draft:  47 days (1st round on June 24th) in Buffalo, N.Y.   

20. Countdown to the 2016 World Cup of Hockey:  It is in 132 days (Sept. 17) Toronto, Ont.  The final rosters to be posted on June 1.   

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If you have any thoughts on any of these questions please let me know. 

Thanks, Mitch

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  1. I think differently about Bettman.
    He’s the only person who kept us alive as a team
    The plug should have been pulled years ago
    And fans of the sport of hockey living in Phoenix have done nothing to support Bettmans efforts on their behalf.
    Hopefully, they will come to their senses in the immediate future
    But after not missing a game and looking around, I have my doubts.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      As a Yotes fan I agree with your thoughts BUT for me his ineptitude as the Commish is dumb-founding

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