Random Notes On Our Yotes: Oct. 23

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Things about the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL  that crossed my mind this past month –

Some of my thoughts, some info, and notes from the past month about our Arizona Coyotes and the National Hockey League.

1.  The Arizona Coyotes played three games last week going 0-3-0 and now have an overall record of 0-7-1.

2.  I thought OEL played some of his best hockey last week.  He was offensively aggressive and was making things happen instead of sitting back trying to make 100-foot stretch passes.  He reminded me of the OEL from a couple of years ago.  The Yotes really need that OEL.

3.  The Chicago game on Saturday night was the first Hawks game I’ve been to in quite a few years that wasn’t sold out.  Thanks to all the Blackhawk fans that showed up.          

4.  The Yotes powerplay needs to start shooting the puck and STOP looking for the highlight-reel goal.  Saturday night versus Chicago they had a boatload of PP opportunities in the first period and had no shots on goal.  This included a two minute, two-man PP advantage.     

5.  You would think a team with five defencemen with 500 games under their belts would be able to muster up a win here or there.  To be fair the Yotes have been in almost every game.    

6.   The Arizona Coyotes go on a 5-game road trip through the east starting this week and they need something, anything from their second, third, and fourth lines.  

How many games will the Coyotes win on their 5-game road trip?

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7.  Arizona Coyotes 2015, 3rd round draft pick Adin Hill made his NHL debut this week in back-to-back games versus Dallas and looked pretty good.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in the future.  The ex-Portland Winterhawks goalie looks like a keeper.  BTW he is 6’6, 202 lbs.  That’s a big dude. 

8.  Good news Yotes fans, second-year defenceman, Jakob Chychrun could join the team towards the end of their upcoming 5-game road trip. 

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9.  Zac Rinaldo had 9:16 of ice-time on Thursday versus Dallas and 11:54 versus Chicago on Saturday while Lawson Crouse had 7:39 on Thursday and was a healthy scratch on Saturday.  Are you kidding me?  If John Chayka and Rick Tocchet are going to hitch their wagon to Zac Rinaldo I would just as soon they hitch it and all ride out of town together.  Zach Rinaldo shouldn’t get that much ice-time in the AHL.  This is the best our analytics guru of a GM can come up with?      

10.  There sure is a lot of weight on the shoulders of youngsters, Max Domi and Clayton Keller but I bet they’re loving every minute of it.   

11.  I wonder what Dave Tippett and Don Maloney think when they watch a Coyotes game right now?    

12.  I wonder if the Coyotes would be winless right now if Shane Doan was still in the dressing room?  This team leaves me wondering a lot of things nowadays.

13.  It sure has been quiet on the new arena front.  I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes?  Isn’t the Yotes’ new CEO supposed to be some sort of an “arena whisperer”?   

14.  Rick Tocchet talks about needing a net-front presence on the PP but doesn’t dress a guy that would be perfect there …. Lawson Crouse.  (see #9)  

15.  Coyotes special teams:

  • PP:  26th at 13.3% … down from 13th last week at 21.1%.
  • PK:  28th at 72.7% … down from 25th last week at 76.5%. 

16.  Attendance:

  • Dallas Stars:  Thursday – 11,225 … all I can say is embarrassing.
  • Chicago Blackhawks:  Saturday – 13,777 … Saturday night.  An original six team in town.  This game used to be an automatic sellout.

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If you have any thoughts on any of these questions please let me know. 

Thanks, Mitch

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  1. Tom Catanzarite says

    Enjoy the blog, here are a few of my thoughts
    Been to all home games the last three years
    2. Tochett’s post game same as Tippetts coments
    3. Team plays slow, they say they are fast skaters but when you hesitate when you have the puck you negate team speed.
    4. They loose 90 % of board battles , Chicago was able to control the puck in both ends
    5. Seems players are not understanding the NHL game, you can’t make JR plays against any NHLer
    6. Team change of GM was worst move in NHL history or at least Yotes, I have socks older than the GM.
    7 Team can’t box out , out of position most of the game and reacting
    8. Arena deal is it up the season?

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Thanks Tom … the good news is that most of their problems can be resolved BUT you can’t resolve poor roster decisions and signings.
      I think the arena deal was up last season or the season before when the COG voided their agreement …. it is on a year to year deal now I believe.

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