Random Thoughts On The Arizona Coyotes: Aug. 18

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Things about the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL that crossed my mind this past week –

Instead of being serious all the time and writing a commentary or an opinion piece we will jot down some random musings once a week.  It might be a mix of serious, playful or maybe even a little sarcastic but it should be fun.  If you have answers please let us know. 

1.  I don’t know about you, but I kind of like the name “Gila River Arena”. 

2.  How many times this season will the Arizona Coyotes being inadvertently called the Phoenix Coyotes during radio or tv broadcasts across the league?  I set the over/under at 6,000. 

3.  L.A. won the Stanley Cup last year so I guess it’s Chicago’s turn again!  

4.  Would it ever be possible to like Dustin Brown if he became a Coyote?

5.  Considering that I’m a huge Coyotes and Jets fan, is it wrong to admit that one of my favorite forwards in the NHL is David Backes? 

6.  Considering Dustin Penner is still out there as an “Unrestricted Free Agent”, should the Yotes take a chance on him?  He is a beast in the playoffs! 

7.  I like the Joe Vitale signing.  As well as being solid character guy, he’s a beast in the face-off circle.    

8.  You know your getting old when you start seeing second generation players being drafted by your team.  Burke, MacInnis, Domi, Murphy!  

9.  Is it just me or does it seem like the Coyotes are a little top heavy in 3rd and 4th line players?  

10.  Will Andy Miele ever be a regular in the NHL?      

Now some of these questions are serious, some are just tongue in cheek and some are me just being a _________. (you fill in the blank)


If you have any thoughts on any of these questions please let me know.  I am a curious person by nature and I need answers.

Thanks, Mitch

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If you liked it then share it.

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