Explaining NHL No-Movement And No-Trade Clauses

Who has no trade and no movement clauses in their contracts –

February 29, 2016, is the NHL trade deadline and in the upcoming weeks, you are bound to hear plenty of trade banter around the NHL and more importantly, if you’re a Coyotes fan lots of trade rumours surrounding some of their pending UFAs.  Mikkel Boedker, Boyd Gordon, Nicklas Grossman, Kyle Chipchura, Viktor Tikhonov, Anders Lindback, and Shane Doan are all pending UFAs this July 1st and one or more of them could be on the move before the Feb. 29th trade deadline. [Read more…]

McDavid, Eichel, Generational Players, Really?

Generational Players: Overused or misunderstood or just out to lunch? –

The 2015 NHL Entry Draft was one of the more interesting drafts in recent years thanks to Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel. [Read more…]

Is There An Upside To A Bad Arizona Coyotes Season?

Finding a silver lining in the Arizona Coyotes 2014/15 season –

All is not lost Coyotes fans.

It would be an understatement to say that so far the 2014/15 season for the Arizona Coyotes isn’t what the management, coaching staff, players or the fans had expected.  This Coyotes team only missed the playoffs by two points last season and they probably would have made the post-season if it wan’t for a couple of untimely injuries to key players down the stretch so being a playoff team this season wasn’t a stretch by any means.

[Read more…]

Arizona Coyotes Or Winnipeg Jets ?

Winnipeg Jets 1.0 (Arizona Coyotes) vs Winnipeg Jets 2.0 (Atlanta Thrashers) – 

People that know me, whether it’s family, friends, hockey fans that read our web-site, or my Twitter friends/followers know that I support two NHL teams.  My wife and I live in Arizona for 182 days and we live in Winnipeg for 183 days, we have season tickets for the Coyotes and we have season tickets for the Jets (although I have yet to see a Winnipeg Jets 2.0 game at the MTS Center).  I constantly get asked or jokingly harassed about my cheering for the Phoenix, now the Arizona Coyotes. [Read more…]

What Is A Real .500 Record In The NHL?

Is .500 Really .500 In Today’s NHL? —

Certain things in sports have a way of grinding on me until I reach the point where I have to vent about it.  Luckily, I have the forum to do this so here it is.   My latest is the way announcers, media, fans and even my friends loosely throw out and use the term .500. [Read more…]

Icing Rule 81.4 And Today’s Defencemen

Has Icing Rule 81.4 Changed The Way We View Today”s Defencemen?

The NHL game has really evolved over the past couple of decades.  You see things today you didn’t see 2o-25 years ago.  Today every player can shoot the puck.  Today most NHL skaters are better than average, not too many pylons.  Goalies are much bigger and athletic and EVERYBODY blocks shots.  I couldn’t imagine Gretzky or Mario taking one for the team. [Read more…]

For Mom

My Hockey Mom —

With great sadness, I would like  to let the readers of Arizona Hockey Talk and Winnipeg Hockey Talk know my mom passed away on Sunday, December 29, 2013.  She died peacefully with her family at her side.  [Read more…]

Are These The Dave Tippett Phoenix Coyotes?

Can These Phoenix Coyotes Be The “Dave Tippett” Coyotes? —

Dave Tippett is an extremely intelligent hockey man and a very good head coach.  AND I know he doesn’t need me questioning his hockey team because what I’m about to ask has probably run through his thoughts about a thousand times this season.  Can this team be a Dave Tippett style hockey team?  [Read more…]

Do NHL Teams Try To Sit On Leads

Do NHL Teams Sit Back Or Is it A Big Push Back? — 

Is your favorite hockey team sitting back with the lead in the third period?  If so, do they really have a choice? [Read more…]

Should NHL Teams Dress A Seventh Defenceman

Dressing A Seventh Defenceman Has To Be More Important Than Any Forth Liner !!! 

There are many brilliant coaches in the NHL that prepare their teams for every situation imaginable except for one.  Injuries.  How many times have you been watching a hockey game and your favorite team finds out that one of the defencemen got dinged in the first period and won’t be available for the rest of the game? [Read more…]