Mikhail Grabovski AHT Top UFA

Mikhail Grabovski

Mikhail Grabovski is still on the board.

Position: C     Shoots: Left
DOB: Born: Potsdam, Germany
Height: 5’11    Weight: 183
Selected by: Montreal   Round: 5   Overall: #150   Year: 2004 NHL Entry Draft
Mikhail Grabovski played this past season in the NHL for the Toronto Maple Leafs. [Read more…]

Flaw In The CBA Robs Anaheim Ducks Of A Prospect

Flaw In The CBA Robs Anaheim Ducks Of A Prospect

The topic of my Blog today is about a flaw in the CBA and the signing of Justin Schultz.  He was a 2nd round draft pick of the Anaheim Ducks in 2008 and was signed by the Edmonton Oilers this past summer.  Now this is not actually about Schultz or the Oilers but the circumstances that led up to this unusual UFA signing.  I am absolutely baffled at how a player that has not ever stepped onto the ice gets to exercise a loophole or a flaw in the CBA that makes him UFA. [Read more…]

Hockey is Back ???

New Slogan Upset Hockey Organisations Around The World

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of the so-called deep thinkers in a business organization.  The NHL’s new slogan “Hockey is back” has upset 100’s of organizations across the world and rightfully so!! [Read more…]

Shane Doan Lockout E-mail !!!

NHL Fans Are Angry At Shane Doan The NHL And The NHLPA

After finding this e-mail about Shane Doan in my ‘inbox’ for the 6th time this week I was surprised at how widespread it had become.  I’ve  received  it from  friends and relatives, some hockey fans, some not and from all over the country.  I guess because I’m in Arizona and a Coyote fan, people figured I’d be interested in it.  If you haven’t seen it yet it is posted below. [Read more…]