Random Thoughts On The Arizona Coyotes: Dec. 8

Things about the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL  that crossed my mind this past week –

Here are a few thoughts from this past week about the NHL and our Arizona Coyotes.
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Arizona Coyotes Buyout Ribeiro Add Gagner

Arizona Coyotes Acquire Sam Gagner and BJ Crombeen from the Tampa Bay Lightning —

A busy weekend in the NHL saw the Arizona Coyotes draft nine players, buyout one player and add two more via the trade route.  GM Don Maloney and his brain trust were certainly busy.  [Read more…]

Phoenix Coyotes Year End Grades: Forwards

Phoenix Coyotes Year End Report Card for the Forwards —

Most grading systems I’ve seen just do a basic grading of the forwards, the defencemen and the goaltending in groups.  I wanted to try something different by evaluating each player based only on his play and then evaluating his play based on his salary.  This is not very scientific and at times not very fair.  After years of coaching and scouting, I just look at the game a little differently than I used to as a fan.   [Read more…]