Icing Rule 81.4 And Today’s Defencemen

Has Icing Rule 81.4 Changed The Way We View Today”s Defencemen?

The NHL game has really evolved over the past couple of decades.  You see things today you didn’t see 2o-25 years ago.  Today every player can shoot the puck.  Today most NHL skaters are better than average, not too many pylons.  Goalies are much bigger and athletic and EVERYBODY blocks shots.  I couldn’t imagine Gretzky or Mario taking one for the team. [Read more…]

Sometimes Don Cherry Is Right !!!

Don Cherry Has Said For Years That The Benches Should Be On Opposite Sides Of The Ice —

It seems like the fashionable thing to do nowadays in the media and especially the eastern media is to bash Don Cherry. [Read more…]

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid-Icing

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid Icing For 2013-14 Season — 

The National Hockey League announced Monday that it will use hybrid-icing rules during the 2013-14 season after the NHLPA members voted in to accept the proposed rule change that was used during the NHL pre-season games. [Read more…]

Staged Fighting Debate

Staged Fighting

Once again, the hot button topic is “staged fighting” in the NHL.  The latest fight to ignite the flame happened during the Ottawa/Toronto game March 6 at Air Canada Centre. [Read more…]

Time For A Coaches Video Review Or Challenge?

Video Review

Every couple of days or at least 2 or 3 times a week, it is not uncommon to see a controversial call or non-call from a NHL game replayed on the sports networks over and over again.  Fans often ask if it is so obvious why don’t the referees watch the replay and get the call right? [Read more…]