Arizona Coyotes Sign John Scott?

John Scott signs a one year deal with the Arizona Coyotes –

The Arizona Coyotes have signed UFA forward John Scott to a one-year contract. 

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Time For All NHL Games To Be Worth 3 Points!!!

A Regulation Time Win Needs To Be Worth 3 Points !!!

He’s at it AGAIN !!!  It’s round three of my quest for fans to lobby the NHL to make all NHL hockey games worth three points.  For those of you that haven’t read my previous articles about the three point regulation time win, you can catch up here.

Feb.4, 2013:  Is It Time For The 3 Point Win In Regulation Time?

May 16, 2013:  3 Point Win: All NHL Games Worth 3 Points?

I have no problem with overtime because it is actually settled by playing hockey albeit four on four. I am not a fan of the shootout but I will concede that it is a part of the regular season and fans enjoy it. (Can you imagine the World Series of Poker playing  Texas Hold-em with wildcards?)  I would be more willing to accept the shootout if ALL NHL games were worth 3 points not just the OT and SO games.

The NHL already concedes that the regulation win and the overtime win carry more weight in the standings than the shootout win based on it being one of the criteria in their standings tie-breaker.

Three point wins would reward teams for good play within the regulation sixty minutes without having to rely on the gimmickry of the four on four or the shootout.  It will also be an avenue to help make up ground in the standings later in the season during the playoff push.  If a team could rattle off three or four regulation time wins in a row, they might be able to gain some ground in the standings.

Like any new rule change there will always be pros and cons but I believe the pros will more than outweigh the cons.  I can deal with the criticism and reluctance of trying something new but I hate the argument about skewing historical records.        

The historical points records are a joke.  The NHL has had schedules with 50, 74, 78, 80 and 82 games …. AND …. Factor in the NHL has had two seasons shortened by labour disputes and one cancelled completely in less than 50 years.  So, there really hasn’t been very much continuity has there?

I’m not going to harp on the pros and cons of the 3 point game but I will continue to provide NHL Standings based on the 3 point game.

I will start by doing weekly updates every Monday before the Olympic Break and then after the Olympics we will update more often if there is an appetite or interest in these standings.

The standings will now be a  3 – 2 – 1 -0  format. 

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Should NHL Teams Dress A Seventh Defenceman

Dressing A Seventh Defenceman Has To Be More Important Than Any Forth Liner !!! 

There are many brilliant coaches in the NHL that prepare their teams for every situation imaginable except for one.  Injuries.  How many times have you been watching a hockey game and your favorite team finds out that one of the defencemen got dinged in the first period and won’t be available for the rest of the game? [Read more…]

Derek Morris Is Like A Fine Wine

Derek Morris —

DOB:  Aug.24, 1978       Born:  Edmonton, AB

Height:  6′     Weight:  210

Position:  Def     Shot:  Right

Drafted by:  Calgary Flames   Round:  1st   Overall: 13th   Year: 1996 NHL Entry Draft  [Read more…]

I’m Not An Advanced Stats Guy But Plus Minus?

Advanced Stats: Corsi vs Plus Minus — 

Before you shake you head a few times or wonder if Mitch Kasprick has been abducted by aliens, I want to let you all know that it is actually me.  Yes it is me, Mitch Kasprick writing about advanced stats!!!  [Read more…]

Sometimes Don Cherry Is Right !!!

Don Cherry Has Said For Years That The Benches Should Be On Opposite Sides Of The Ice —

It seems like the fashionable thing to do nowadays in the media and especially the eastern media is to bash Don Cherry. [Read more…]

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid-Icing

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid Icing For 2013-14 Season — 

The National Hockey League announced Monday that it will use hybrid-icing rules during the 2013-14 season after the NHLPA members voted in to accept the proposed rule change that was used during the NHL pre-season games. [Read more…]

Can My Fantasy Team Win My League This Year?

Facing Reality With Your Fantasy Team In A Keeper League

Most people enter into their hockey season believing their fantasy team can win their pool this year.  [Read more…]

AHT Welcomes Fantasy Hockey Writer Jerry White

Fantasy Hockey — 

Arizona Hockey Talk is very pleased to announce Jerry White as our lead writer on “Fantasy Hockey”. [Read more…]