Things Are Changing in Coyotes Land!

Lots of Changes from the top to the bottom –

There sure have been a lot of changes to the resident hockey team in Glendale this year.  Let’s start with the team’s name.  As of June 27, 2014, the Phoenix Coyotes are no more!  They officially introduced themselves as the Arizona Coyotes at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft in Philadelphia. [Read more…]

Random Thoughts On The Arizona Coyotes: Nov. 3

Things about the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL  that crossed my mind this past week –

Some of the things that rattled through my head about the NHL and our Arizona Coyotes this past week.
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Looking At The 2014-15 Arizona Coyotes

How Will the 2014-15 Arizona Coyotes Look on Opening Night? 

The easiest way to start would be to reveal what we know.  As of today, the Coyotes have eleven forwards, six defencemen and two goalies signed on their NHL roster.  They also have a handful of players that have seen some time with the big club but are still on “entry level” contracts.  [Read more…]