2013-2014 Central Hockey League Playoff Format

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Central Hockey League 2013-2014 Playoff Format

The 2013-2014 Central Hockey League playoff format is as follows:

Ray Miron Presidents Cup

The Ray Miron Presidents’ Cup

A total of eight (8) teams will qualify for the post-season, consisting of the top eight (8) point earners from the Berry Conference.  Teams will be seeded 1st through 8th with the following Opening Round match-ups:

#1 seed vs. #8 seed
#2 seed vs. #7 seed
#3 seed vs. #6 seed
#4 seed vs. #5 seed

The winning four teams will advance to the Berry Conference Semifinals and will be re-seeded with the highest remaining seed taking on the lowest remaining seed and the middle two seed playing each other.

The two winning teams will advance to the Ray Miron Presidents’ Cup Finals.

The playoffs will consist of three (3) rounds.
Opening Round  – Best-of-7 
Conference Semifinals – Best-of-7
CHL Championship Finals – Best-of-7  

***Home ice advantage in the conference finals will be determined based on conference seeding.      

Should two (2) or more teams be tied in points for any seeding issue throughout the playoffs, the following tiebreakers will be used:  

1.  Most Wins (not including shootout wins)
2.  Head-to-Head Record
3.  Goals For/Against Differential

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