ASU Coach Greg Powers Reaches 100 Wins !!!

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ASU Sun Devils Bench Boss Reaches An Impressive Milestone Wins !!!

Most coaches see years behind the bench and many gray hairs before accruing their 100th victory.

10450295564_ff9995a915_bFortunately for coach Greg Powers, he hasn’t seen half a decade and there’s not much hair to see any gray.

The four-year ASU coach reached the 100 mark this past Friday night against No. 11 Central Oklahoma.

“It was good,” he said of the win. “God’s honest truth, I didn’t even think about it the entire game until a couple of the guys congratulated me on it after.”

The guys that praised him were just as deserving.

“It’s special, mainly because there’s five guys here that have all 100 wins with me and I think that’s pretty cool in and of itself — (captain Colin) Hekle, (Brett) Prechel, (Danny) McAuliffe, Troy (Scott) and (David) Jantzie,” Powers said.

Not many hockey coaches, let alone any sport, can say they have 100 wins with five of their players.

Coach Greg Powers has done it in the matter of just three years and nine games for a record of 101-20-8.

That’s a winning percentage of 78 percent, which may not seem like much, but out of 128 games, that’s phenomenal.

“It’s just another win really,” Powers said. “It’s a cool milestone but its certainly isn’t why I’m doing this.”

As much as the credit is given to him, Powers is quick to disperse the praise.

“It speaks volumes to everybody’s work,” he said.” “Wins are certainly not one person’s work — it’s every player that’s player here under me, it’s all my coaches and then the entire staff from top to bottom to make this what it is.

“It’s a program achievement and a regime achievement, starting with Ken and on down. It’s something I guess goes into the record books as technically my wins, but they’re everybody’s wins.”

But when reminiscing all of those wins in just a short amount of time, it wasn’t hard for the coach to pick his most memorable.

“I think it’s the first win I’ll always remember most, that was against U of A and it was a heated game,” he said. “I think we were down going into the third period and we came back and won. That was a special win and I’ll never forget the first one … if I had to pick one it would be the first win or the one against Penn State.”

Being as young as Greg Powers is as a head coach, the little amount of time he has spent here, and the level of talent he continues to recruit, I’m sure this won’t be the last three-digit milestone we see for this era of ASU hockey.

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