Arizona Coyotes: Segment 3 Update

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The Arizona Coyotes 3rd 10 game segment –

Eleven every ten

My theory is that if you can garner a minimum of eleven points in every ten game segment (on average) and win those two extra games you should be in the playoffs or be in the hunt on the last weekend of the season.   Your team would have ninety-two points. 

I have designated game #41 and game #82 as the two extra games.

I will continue to chart and update the Arizona Coyotes in 10 game segments all year.

Segment 1

The Arizona Coyotes first ten game segment was nothing to write home about, finishing 3-6-1 for 7 points.  Like I said, you’re looking for eleven points per segment on average and they missed by four points.  Maybe they will make it right back up in segment number two!  You never know!

Segment 2

The second segment they met the 11 point minimum going 5-4-1.

Segment 3

The Arizona Coyotes third 10 game segment finished up on Saturday night versus the Minnesota Wild with a 4-3 loss in overtime giving them a 2-6-2 record for 6 points in this segment.  They fell 5 points short of my 11 point quota and are quickly falling out of the playoff race.  Right now they have a better chance of having a top 3 lottery pick than a playoff spot.

           As of December 14/2014


3 seg yotes


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