Can My Fantasy Team Win My League This Year?

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Facing Reality With Your Fantasy Team In A Keeper League

Most people enter into their hockey season believing their fantasy team can win their pool this year.  I hate to break your heart but most of you won’t.  I say that with a chuckle.  The question I posed in the title ” Can My Fantasy Team Win My League This Year?”, is a very important question to ask yourself for your future success in your league.


Erik Karlsson is a Fantasy Stud

It’s hard but if you can come to the understanding that your fantasy team doesn’t stand a chance this year, you can go into your auction with a better strategy that will benefit you in the years to come.  There will be guys or gals in your pool who will always think they have a chance to win.  Most of them will probably finish in the middle of the pack.  Just like in the NHL, it’s important to understand when you should be in a rebuilding era.

How do you know whether you have a chance or not?  It’s a little tricky!  Evaluate the contracts you do have, make a list of potential players available in this year’s auction and determine how much money you have to spend.  Once you have done that, make an unbiased opinion of your team compared to the other teams.

You have decided to commit to the rebuild.  Draft young players on the rise and goalies that may become starters soon at cheap prices.  Once the season has started, trade away contracts to gain assets for the following year.  Leave room on your salary cap so that you can spend on the big guns for the following season.

It can be really difficult to convince yourself that you don’t stand a chance this year.  However, if you can and draft accordingly, you can set up your fantasy team for success for multiple years.

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