Random Thoughts On The Arizona Coyotes: Dec. 15

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Things about the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL  that crossed my mind this past week –

Here are a few thoughts from this past week about the National Hockey League and our Arizona Coyotes.

1.  The Arizona Coyotes finished this past week with a 0-1-1 record.  Thoughts? 

2.  I wonder when ownership and/or management is going to make a move to improve this team?  

3.  If the Coyotes think calling up “bottom of the roster” players from their AHL affiliate is going to make in impact on the NHL roster, they are sadly mistaken. 

4.  The Coyotes blue-line is filled with too many bottom pairing defencemen and absolutely no grit.

5.  The Coyotes definitely deserved a better fate on Saturday night versus the Minnesota Wild.  

Martin Hanzal

Martin Hanzal was the victim of a debatable call vs the Wild

6.  The interference penalty on Martin Hanzal, in the 3rd period, versus Minnesota was a horrible call and impacted the game.  IMHO the NHL has an officiating problem as it pertains to consistency from crew to crew. 

7.  I’m starting to wonder if it’s time for the Coyotes to tear down and start a re-build?    

8.  It will be interesting to see if a battle for the #1 goaltending position develops between Smith and Dubnyk if it hasn’t already?

9.  I wonder what Derek Morris is doing?

10.  Are you getting tired of hearing about Arizona Coyotes ownership issues …. enough already!   


If you have any thoughts on any of these questions please let me know. 

Thanks-you, Mitch

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  1. I think the Minnesota game was one of the best games I’ve seen this team play.
    That effort alone is worth every Penney of my season ticket.
    As to when is the new ownership going to do something to improve this team and are you tired of talking about ownership:
    That’s the whole thing isn’t it ?
    That’s how important great leadership is.
    These questions wouldn’t even be in question if good leadership existed.
    “They picked a fine time to leave us”
    To turn their backs on us when we needed leadership most.
    I remember being impressed when Mr. Leblanc was there shaking my hand as I was the first in the door.
    Thanking the fans for coming.
    Then I remember when the radio silence commenced.
    I was first to mention it on another web site.
    “We thought we found true love then phttttt she was gone “(rememberer that from Hee-haw?))
    All joking aside though, well soon find out whether we have owners or just hedge fund real estate flipping pukes.
    The type of money people who have nearly destroyed this country.

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