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As well as being the owner/administrator/writer for Phoenix Hockey Talk ….. I also cover and write about  the Phoenix Coyotes for THWThe Hockey Writers, the #1 Hockey Web-site on the internet.  Click the read more link to see some of my past articles. 

Finally The Phoenix Coyotes Can Focus On Hockey – The Hockey Writers

Finally Phoenix Coyotes On-Ice Talk Only It’s the middle of July and for the first time in almost five years I will be going into a Phoenix Coyotes season talking…

Phoenix Coyotes NHL Draft Day Results – The Hockey Writers

Phoenix Coyotes 2013 NHL Draft Picks NHL Draft Day is a very exciting time of the year for teams and fan as it ushers in a new wave of potential…

Potential Phoenix Coyotes Draft Picks: Defencemen – The Hockey Writers

Potential Phoenix Coyotes Draft Picks: Defencemen — The Hockey Writers — G.M. Don Maloney and the Phoenix Coyotes draft #12 overall in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft in New Jersey on June 30. I will try to list the top 5 defencemen that could potentially be …

Potential Phoenix Coyotes Draft Picks: Forwards – The Hockey Writers

The Phoenix Coyotes draft #12 and I will try to list the top 5 forwards that could be potentially available when it’s their turn.

Shane Doan’s Phoenix Coyotes Checklist – The Hockey Writers

Last summer, Doan’s biggest concern was whether the Coyotes would be able to find an owner that was going to keep the team in Arizona. Let’s have some fun and see if we can guess what would be on that list. The Captains 4. Starting Goalie? Mike Smith Coyotes. Mike Smith (Ric Tapia/Icon SMI). Phoenix Coyotes goaltender, Mike Smith, will become an Unrestricted Free Agent this summer on July 5th. Smith is the prized UFA in this summers free agent market.

Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes UFA Goalie: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – The Hockey Writers

The Phoenix Coyotes and their UFA goaltender Mike Smith will have to decide whether he is remaining with the Coyotes or testing free agency on July 5.2013?

Coyotes Ownership: Is This The Final Countdown? – The Hockey Writers

The clock is ticking and the possibility of the Phoenix Coyotes being re-located is as real as it’s ever been for me.  Ever since the league took over the Coyotes, running it while looking for new owners, I always felt it was just a matter of time before a new owner was found

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  1. It should be mroditnay for a skill player from Phoenix to sit as long as Hossa is out. Losing Torres isn’t a big loss for them. We lost one of our best players. I’m happy he got 25 games, but I’d rather have Hossa back. Since that is not happening we should level the playing field. This would only be fair.

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