Hockey is Back ???

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New Slogan Upset Hockey Organisations Around The World

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of the so-called deep thinkers in a business organization.  The NHL’s new slogan “Hockey is back” has upset 100’s of organizations across the world and rightfully so!!

Considering that the league and players association were the ones responsible for putting NHL hockey on hold for 3 1/2 months, I’m pretty sure that there were millions of hockey players playing the game around the globe.  Now don’t get me wrong I love my Winnipeg Jets and my Phoenix Coyotes.  I’ve mentioned in previous blogs and comments that I understood the ramifications of a good CBA and how it would impact my 2 favorite teams.  I was hoping for the owners to get a deal that protected the small market franchises keeping them viable for years to come.

While the lockout was going on and on I could hardly wait for them to get the deal done, I missed the games and I missed the highlights every night, but most of all I missed the camaraderie and competition of the five hockey pools I’m involved in.

What Should We Do? (Said very sarcastically)

I wasn’t lacking for something to do while I waited for the 2 sides to get their act together.  I watched the NFL, I watched CHL junior hockey and AHL hockey on TV and not to mention the Spengler Cup and the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Just for arguments sake I posted the number of registered hockey players around the world and that doesn’t even count the pond hockey players and the beer league players and the millions of others that just strap on the blades for a little pick up game at the local outdoor rink. 

Country Players   % of pop.
 Australia 3,721 0.017%
 Austria 11,202 0.136%
 Belarus 3,937 0.041%
 Belgium 1,490 0.014%
 Canada 617,107 1.799%
 Czech Republic 95,094 0.934%
 Denmark 4,405 0.079%
 Estonia 1,510 0.118%
 Finland 56,626 1.076%
 France 17,381 0.026%
 Germany 27,068 0.033%
 Hungary 3,320 0.033%
 Italy 6,774 0.011%
 Japan 19,975 0.016%
 Kazakhstan 4,067 0.023%
 Latvia 3,979 0.182%
 Mexico 1,568 0.001%
 Mongolia 1,001 0.031%
 Netherlands 2,842 0.017%
 New Zealand 1,193 0.028%
 North Korea 1,575 0.006%
 Norway 6,893 0.146%
 Poland 2,575 0.007%
 Romania 1,093 0.005%
 Russia 64,326 0.047%
 Slovakia 9,034 0.165%
 South Korea 1,636 0.003%
 Sweden 69,921 0.768%
 Switzerland 26,166 0.342%
 Ukraine 4,003 0.009%
 United Kingdom 5,119 0.008%
 United States 511,178 0.163%


Maybe the deep thinkers at head office should have given a little more thought into the way they would announce that  NHL hockey is back.  You would think that they could have come up with a slogan a little less ARROGANT considering how many people they have alienated.  Even though the NHL is the best league in the world and we missed them, the above numbers bear out that they are an extremely small percentage of hockey players in the world.
Yes, pro hockey NHL style is back but hockey never left and I hope that the NHL realize they are not bigger than the game. All you have to do is ask any Winnipeger. We lost our Jets once and even though there was this small part in us that hoped we would get our team back we endured, some supported the AHL, WHL, MJHL, or some just watched hockey at the local rink.  There is always an option, maybe not our first choice, but a choice.  LONG LIVE HOCKEY !!!!

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