The Phoenix Coyotes Next Five Games

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Phoenix Coyotes Have Four Home Games Left In October —

I know the experts will say the Phoenix Coyotes can’t nail a playoff spot down in the month of October but they can sure make it easier for themselves.  Is it too early to be looking at the NHL standings?  The Coyotes are currently sitting with a cozy 5- 2- 2 record and have four of their next five games in the month of October at home.

Phoenix Coyotes Forward Mikkel Boedker

Phoenix Coyotes Forward Mikkel Boedker

The Phoenix Coyotes are off to a decent start and they haven’t even played their best hockey yet. They are still trying to get their top two lines sorted out and have had some bad luck already on the back end with Derek Morris and Rusty Klesla missing games.  I had written earlier that the Yotes have a wealth of riches and depth on their blue-line but the bulk of their corp play a very similar style.  Yandle, OEL, Schlemko and Rundlad are very much the same style in varying degrees.  The Coyotes need the stability and physical play of Morris, Klesla along with the shot blocking of Michalek to balance out the offensive nature of the rest.  Michael Stone is a defenceman that can play either way and falls somewhere in between.

This being said I have faith that Coach Tippett will get that all sorted out.  It has been shown in the past that when you are chasing in the standings it’s hard to gain ground especially with the parity in the league and those dreaded three point games.  Teams that fall behind early are lucky to gain one or two points in the standings each month even if they go on a decent streak .  So bank them now if you can.

The more points you put between you and your rivals now , the better.  Things like injuries, a tough road trip, some bad luck are all inevitable during an eighty- two game schedule.

Phoenix Coyotes Defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Phoenix Coyotes Defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Let’s not forget to factor in the 2014 Winter Olympics where the Phoenix Coyotes could have as many as four to eight players participating.  Smith, Vrbata, Hanzal, Klesla, Korpikoski, Ekman-Larsson, Yandle, Boedker, Greise, Michalek are all auditioning this season.  Whether any of these players make their countries Olympic teams remains to be seen but they’d all jump at the chance to participate in the Olympic Games and represent their counties.

This could lead to a lot of tired and possibly injured Phoenix Coyotes.

So the question still remains.  Is it too early to start looking at the standings?  I think not.  The more points the Coyotes can bank now, the better it will serve them come March and April when their schedule is very hectic.

Let’s just say for arguments sake the Yotes go a conservative  2-2-1 in their last five games in October.  They would have a record of 7-4-3 and that will go a long way to getting them into the post-season.  AND that’s if they only go 2-2-1.  It’s time to make some hay !!!

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