Alternative Western Conference Standings

Western Conference 3 Point Standings — 

as of  Monday April 14, 2014 — 

The actual NHL standings are posted on the left and the alternative standings on the right.  The alternative standings are based on the NHL allotting 3 points in every NHL game.  Three (3) points would be awarded for a win in regulation time instead of 2 points.

I will start by doing weekly updates every Monday before the Olympic Break and then after the Olympics we will update more often if there is an appetite or interest in these standings.

The standings will now be in a  3 – 2 – 1 – 0  format.

Keep in mind that these standings are skewed because if NHL teams were actually playing in this format the results would/should be much different.

Alternative Standings First tiebreaker:

Regulation wins

Alternative Standings Second tiebreaker:*

ROW (regulation plus overtime wins)

* currently used as the first tiebreaker.

FINAL Alternative Western Conference Standings


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